How should it fit?

If it's your first time wearing custom, you might have some questions.

Nail the right fit with these guides.

If it's your first time wearing custom, you might have some questions. Nail the right fit with these guides.


Fit Guide


Fit Guide


Fit Guide

The right fit is everything.

Stand Out

(for all the right reasons)

Custom suits are built to the contours of your body shape, accentuating your best features.

Look good, feel good, be good - and prepare for a lot of compliments. Once you wear a suit made for you, you know.

Need minor alterations?

If key areas of your garments need to be adjusted by small amounts, local alterations are the best option - and they're reimbursable through our Fit Promise.

Major issues? We'll remake it.

If key areas of your garments by more than possible with alterations, we'll get you a replacement with all the required changes - and we'll do it fast.

Here's a recap

What can be done if garments don't fit?

Sartoro's Fit Promise has you covered. We'll reimburse for the cost to have alterations made by a local tailor (up to the covered limits), or if necessary, we'll remake the garments with the necessary adjustments - free. Follow the links above for all the details.

How should the garments fit on me?

If you're used to off-the-rack clothing, a custom fit can feel a bit different at first. We've created Fit Guides above to walk through - with visuals - how each garment we carry should fit you.

How much should alterations cost?

Generally speaking, most common alterations will range in price from $20 - $80. To stay within the covered alteration limits, we recommend taking the garments to your local dry cleaner instead of a dedicated tailor shop. Dry cleaners often have access to the same quality tailors and charge a fraction of the price. See the Alterations page above for more information.

Does Sartoro offer help in getting the right fit?

Absolutely! Whether you're yet to order and have questions about sizing or have received your garments and need help with alterations or a remake, our team is here to help. We offer free virtual consultations to answer all your questions. Book here.

I had alterations made but the issue wasn't solved. What can be done?

Before proceeding with local alterations, we strongly recommend (1) getting a firm quote and (2) getting confirmation from the service that they will be able to resolve all issues to your satisfaction. We are able to reimburse you for alteration costs OR provide a covered remake, not both.