Find Your Fit

Show off your lower half with pants that fit how they should. The difference is real, and it matters!

The Backside

The Ideal Fit...

Has a smooth drape over your rear, accentuating but not pulling tight against it. The pants should be comfortable, easy to side down in - but not loose. Just enough movement but not anything more.

Consider Adjustments If...

The crotch is uncomfortable or there's too much excess fabric floating in the back.


The Ideal Fit Is...

For a modern look we recommend no break - where the pants finish just at the top of the shoe. This avoids any bunching at the bottom for a more crisp, streamlined appearance. For a more classic look, a half break is as long as we'd recommend going.

Consider Adjustments If...

Your ankle is readily visible (unless intended) or your pants are bunching at the bottom around your ankles.

Beltline / Thigh / Calf / Pants Opening


The ideal perfect beltline circumference won't need a belt to hold the pants up, but won't be too tight either.


This is partially personal preference that depends on your personal style. Slim cut custom pants will have more limited movement and will require a tug up on this area before sitting, but will look more more crisp and tapered.


This is also a matter of personal preference but does depend partly on the width of the thigh. The ideal calf should be snug but not get caught on your leg during movement such as standing up from a seated position.


This largely depends on the size of the thigh and calf, with the target opening a minimum of 14.5". A small opening will benefit from a more fitted appearance but may be more difficult to slip over your foot.

How Much Movement Should You Expect?

Our modern fit should be comfortably slim, but not tight. You should be able to walk comfortably and perform basic movements. The pants should be comfortable to sit in, but not by a wide margin. Giving a light tug up on both thighs as you sit provides a bit of extra room.

Minor Issues?

Our Fit Promise has you covered. Have alterations made within 30 days of receiving your order and we'll reimburse you for the cost up to the covered limits.

Major Issues?

When local alterations isn't able to solve the fit issue, we'll provide a covered remake at no cost to you. Contact us within 30 days of order receipt.