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Swatch Book Sets

Regular price$15

The Sartoro Favorites (Best Sellers) Set includes:

  • 1506 - Sacramento Green
  • 1807 - Powder Grey Twill
  • 1702 - Prussian Blue Pinstripe
  • 1101 - Grey Charcoal Crosshatch
  • 1507 - Sage Green Sharkskin
  • 1203 - Air Force Blue Prince of Wales
  • 1100 - Black Crosshatch
  • 1816 - Prussian Teal Twill
  • 2002 - Lapis Blue Windowpane
  • 1503 - Deep Blue Sharkskin
  • 1813 - Steel Grey Twill
  • 1509 - Harbor Grey Sharkskin
  • 1818 - Mulberry Twill
  • 1817 - White Twill
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"Your New Favorite Suit - A fusion of New York design & comprehensive personalization come together in their seamless experience"

Your New Favorite Suit- A fusion of New York design & comprehensive personalization come together in their seamless experience

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