Find Your Fit

The below visuals guide you through finding the perfect fit in your jackets. All Sartoro jackets are backed by our Fit Promise.

Shoulder Width

The Ideal Fit Is...

The shoulder should finish right above your shoulder's edge, following the natural slope of your shoulders all the way across. This fit will slightly broaden your shoulders but maintain a realistic, professional appearance.

Consider Adjustments If...

The shoulder hangs out well past the edge of your shoulder or if your shoulder muscle is protruding out from the edge of the sleeve.

Sleeve Length

The Ideal Fit Is...

Your jacket sleeves should rest just above your wrist when your arms are relaxed at your sides, showing off around half an inch of your sleeve cuff underneath. NOTE - this length is shorter than 90% of off-the-rack jackets, which are made to fit long arms. When you raise your arm up to shake someone's hand, the jacket sleeve may appear shorter than you're used to. This is normal and expected.

Consider Adjustments If...

Your shirt sleeves (if they are correctly sized) do not show below the jacket, or if more than one inch of the shirt sleeve is visible at rest.

Waist / Belly

The Ideal Fit Is...

Your jacket should fasten snug but not tight against your waist. You should be able to move around comfortably but without gaps between your body and the jacket - almost like the jacket is giving you a light hug.

Consider Adjustments If...

The jacket sits away from your body or there is significant visible pulling when the jacket top button is fastened.

Jacket Length

The Ideal Fit Is...

Your jacket should just about cover your full bottom, but no longer. Modern styles favor a slightly shorter finish, but the jacket should still always cover at least 3/4 of your backside.

Consider Adjustments If...

A significant portion of your rear is visible or if the jacket hangs below the base of your butt.

How Much Movement Should You Expect?

Our modern fit should be comfortably snug, but not tight. If the jacket buttoned feels like it's giving you any more than a "light hug", it's too tight. You should be able to walk comfortably and perform basic movements. When sitting, remember to unbutton the jacket.

A common misconception we see a lot is the perception that the sleeves are too short when raising your arms. As you shake someone's hand, your wrist will naturally extend out further from your sleeve. This is normal and expected. At rest, the sleeve should finish just above the base of your wrist, leaving ~0.5" of your shirt sleeve cuff visible.

You should be able to cross your arms, but feel a snug pull when doing so. Do not expect to be able to comfortably raise your arms above your head, especially when the jacket is buttoned. If you can, it's too loose. The arm hole should feel comfortable, without pressure against the bottom of your armpits.

Minor Issues?

Our Fit Promise has you covered. Have alterations made within 30 days of receiving your order and we'll reimburse you for the cost up to the covered limits.

Major Issues?

When local alterations isn't able to solve the fit issue, we'll provide a covered remake at no cost to you. Contact us within 30 days of order receipt.