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    Custom Suits On Sale - for Everything from Work to Leisure

    Find the perfect custom suit for work, going out, weddings, events and every day wear. SARTORO's tailored custom suits inspire confidence by ensuring you look your best wherever you wear your garments. Shop our limited time sales.

    When shopping online through our limited time sale times, you can browse our options by style, colors, and fabric - finding the perfect custom garments has never been easier. Whether you prefer a classic or modern fit, a neutral or bold color, or a comfortable fabric like wool or breathable cotton, you can browse and select the right combination to match your personal style and professional image.

    The right custom garments for any situation

    All SARTORO custom suits and other garments are made to order and are guaranteed fit like a glove. Choose the fabric that fits your style, customize the garment however you'd like with our online suit design tool, and get fitted in just a minute with our Digital Tailor. Periodically, you'll find one or more of the following garment types on sale at SARTORO:

    • Custom suits for work or business. Blacks, greys and blues are always a great choice for the office or workplace. Whether you're a high-level executive or a job seeker looking to make a great first impression, upgrading to a three piece suit can help you stand out as a confident and capable professional. A vest or waistcoat can be added to any SARTORO suit.

    • Custom made shirts.Custom-made shirts are shirts that are made to fit a specific person's body measurements, style preferences, and design choices. Unlike off-the-rack shirts, which are mass-produced to fit a range of body types and styles, custom-made shirts are tailored to an individual's exact specifications. Custom-made shirts can be a great option for people who have trouble finding shirts that fit well off the rack, as well as those who want a unique and personalized wardrobe item.

    • Custom made coats. Sartoro custom made wool coats are made using high-quality wool fabrics. Wool is a popular material for coats due to its insulating properties, durability, and classic look. Custom-made wool coats can be a great investment for people who want a high-quality, long-lasting coat that fits perfectly and is tailored to their individual style. Sartoro wool coats are made in two styles, classic overcoats and our signature peacoat. Both come in two different length and two different warmth options.

    • Custom made jackets and pants. From time to time various blazers and pants may also be on sale. Check back frequently to see the updates. All Sartoro suits are also available for purchase as separate garments - jackets, vests and pants. This is a great option for those who want a more casual but still polished look or appearance.

    Fastest Shipping, Guaranteed Fit

    No more waiting for months for a high quality custom business suit. SARTORO offers three week shipping standard, with two-week priority service available at checkout. Getting measured and fitted is easy with our Digital Tailor. All SARTORO business suits are crafted with excess fabric inside to allow for alterations in both directions. Coupled with a fit guarantee, shop confident knowing you're going to get custom garments you'll love wearing at all the big and small moments in your life.