Alterations, Remakes & Returns Policy

SARTORO has brought the full made-to-measure process online for a premium, convenient experience. We believe in a customer-first approach and your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with SARTORO products due to reasons like fit, quality, fabric issue, etc, please contact us at within 10 days of delivery of your order. We will evaluate the issue on a case by case basis and do our best to help resolve your issue.


While we strive for the perfect fit every time, alterations will be required in a small percentage of orders for a number of reasons, most often inaccurately taken self measurements. Every SARTORO purchase is backed by our Fit Promise which includes an alteration credit for a customer's first purchase of each type of garment (jacket, vest, pants, shirt, coat). The details for alteration credits are listed below.


In the event alterations cannot resolve the fit issue(s), Sartoro will remake the garment free of charge if the following conditions are met:

- the fit issue(s) are not the result of incorrect measurements provided by the customer (use of the Digital Tailor to create your custom size ensures you always meet this condition)

- local alterations cannot resolve the issue

- clear photos of the issue are sent to Sartoro

- the request was submitted within 30 days of receipt of your order

The Sartoro team has the final determination on whether or not garments will be remade free of charge.


Every SARTORO suit is custom made according to your measurements to fit your body and your customization preferences - no one else's. Due to the custom nature of each garment, we do not offer returns or exchanges for reasons outside of manufacturing error. In certain cases, store credit may be issued if deemed appropriate by the Sartoro quality control team. If there is an issue with your garment (fit, quality, construction) or a customization error, you must reach out to our customer support team within 10 days of receiving your order. Issues reported after the 10-day window are not eligible for exchanges or reimbursements of any kind. 

The Alteration Credit

The alteration credit is valid for up to 30 days from receipt of your order. Any alteration credit requests received more than 30 days past receipt will not be reimbursed.

The alteration credit is valid for alterations exclusively on the purchased garment and does not apply to general suit care, such as having the suit pressed or dry cleaned. The alteration credit does not apply for the finishing of pants if the unhemmed option was selected in the customization options.

The alteration credit is valid on the first of each garment type that you order. For example, your first suit jacket purchased is covered. If alterations are required on that jacket, your measurements on file will be updated based on the changes required. On a second suit jacket purchase, alterations are only covered in the event of manufacturing error. If alterations are required, you must update your measurements for future orders in order to be eligible for any further alteration credits - with the goal being after you make necessary adjustments to your measurements, the next garment will fit perfectly.

Alteration Credit Amounts 

The alteration credit amount depends on the garment that requires alteration. You have two options for how to receive your alteration credit.

1. Cash credited back to your original payment method, up to the amount listed below.

2. Store credit, up to DOUBLE the cash back amount.

The maximum reimbursable amounts for each garment type are listed below. Cash back is provided on the card used to make the purchase in the form of a partial refund, and store credit is issued in the form of a Sartoro gift card.

Garment Type

Suit (2-Piece)

Suit (3-Piece)

Jackets / Blazers





Cash Back








Store Credit








How To Request An Alteration Credit

To receive the alteration credit, you must complete the Alteration Credit Request form (green button on this page) and include: your order number, the garment altered, the alterations required and an itemized receipt along with a photo of the altered garment as proof of the charge. You must provide an itemized to be eligible for alteration credit reimbursement.

Once we receive your alteration credit request and validate the receipt, the credit will be processed and depending on your preference, will be either applied to your original method of payment or a gift card will be sent to you.

For Issues Unresolvable Through Local Alterations

If you have an issue with your order that cannot be remedied by local alterations, in certain cases we will remake the garment at our expense. The general guidelines for Perfect Fit Promise are:


Our tailors are experts at their craft, but mistakes, while rare, will occasionally happen. We will remake your order at our expense if any of the following conditions are met AND this issue is not able to be resolved by a local tailor:

- The garment was not made to the measurements provided within the Measurement Tolerance Limits (listed below)

- The garment was not correctly customized to the options selected at the time of order

Measurement Tolerance Limits 

All garments will be made within a 0.5” tolerance of the corresponding garment measurements based on the body measurements provided to us by you, either through the Digital Tailor or through the self measurement tutorial. Please note that garment measurements are not the same as body measurements. For example, a body measurement of 33” for the belt line does not correspond to 33” circumference of a pair of pants - that would be too tight. SARTORO at its sole discretion in good faith will determine whether or not the tolerance limits have been breached.

Anytime a remake is required, SARTORO may require you to submit photos of you wearing the garment showcasing the issue, as well as photos with a measuring tape showing the measurement of the affected area. SARTORO will not remake garments at our expense until all requested photos are provided. All requested photos must be provided within 14 days of the request from SARTORO or the claim will be dismissed.

Ineligibility for Free Remakes or Covered Alterations:

While highly unlikely, SARTORO reserves the right to approve or reject alteration or remake requests for any reason, at our discretion, based on the information provided to us by the customer. If your order has fit issues that are due to significantly incorrect self measurements or incorrect Digital Tailor inputs, you may be charged a replacement fee of $50-$150 per garment.

SARTORO's Self Measure tutorials and Digital Tailor algorithm are optimized for men's bodies. If you are not a man, we are happy to accommodate, but you must let us know this information prior to or when placing orders. Fit issues due to not disclosing this information to us before the garments are made are not eligible for alteration credit or covered remakes.

SARTORO's team may attempt to contact you if there are any questions about your customizations or fit and may request additional information (measurements, photos, etc.). If no response is received within seven days of the initial outreach attempt, we will proceed to make your order but the order will no longer be eligible for free remakes due to fit issues. You will still be eligible for the alteration credit. We will make several attempts to contact you during those seven days, by email and SMS for customers in the United States and by email only for customers located elsewhere.

Other Issues

Incorrect Measurements or Customizations: If the measurements submitted were not accurate or if the wrong customization was chosen, we will remake your suit at your expense. For example, if a garment is too small to be fixed by alterations, but the garment was made correctly based on the self measurements you provided, the garment is not eligible for free replacement. if the garment is too small or too large to be fixed by alterations and your size was created by the Digital Tailor, you are eligible for free replacement.

Delayed Shipment: If you did not receive your suit in time for a specific event you purchased it for, you are eligible for a refund only if the suit was not delivered within 30 days of your fully completed order date (full completion of your order entails both the order placed & measurements submitted / approved). While we generally deliver orders in less than three weeks, occasionally delays with customs, high order volumes or fabric shortages may slightly delay delivery.

Fabric Color Or Style Discrepancy: The suit fabric color and style may differ slightly from the pictures online. This can be due to a number of factors, including lighting during our photo shoots and color/brightness settings on the screen you are viewing the images on. All images are reviewed for color accuracy before adding them to the online store. Issues with the fabric color or texture of the suit are not eligible for replacement.

All replacements & reimbursements are provided at the sole discretion of SARTORO. See our full Terms & Conditions for further details. 

Updated June 27, 2022