Shipping & Tracking

Packages are delivered just three weeks from order date & measurement confirmation.

We work fast - custom garments are shipped to your door typically within three weeks. Depending on current order volumes and carrier volumes - orders occasionally may take slightly longer to arrive. We recommend ordering at least five weeks before any events.

Free shipping on orders over $250.

Order Timeline

1: Measure & Cut

(3-5 Days)

Our team reviews all orders for measurement accuracy, and the fabric is hand cut for a true bespoke fit.

2: Craft & Review

(5-9 Days)

Your garment is constructed, then passes through quality control process before being pressed & packaged.

3: Ship & Track

(5-7 Days)

Each order is shipped within 14 days of order date. A tracking number is added to the order 24-48hrs after.

Our Tailoring Process

A blend of modern technology &

world class craftsmanship.

Order Tracking

We provide industry leading turnaround from order date to delivery. All orders ship within two weeks of order date - your order status page should be updated with your tracking number shortly after shipping.

You'll be notified when a tracking number is available, and the number can be found on order confirmation page, the link to which can be found in the Order Confirmation email, or from the order history section of your customer account.

Please be patient and do not reach out about shipping status unless more than 15 days have passed since your order date. The fastest way to check on your order status is by viewing the order details from your account. You will be notified when the tracking number is added.

Shipping Costs

Standard (three weeks):  free on orders over $250. Flat rate $30 on orders below $250.

Express Shipping (14 days) currently unavailable:  $50 for orders <$500  |  $75 for orders $500-$999  |  $100 for orders $1000-$1500

Express Shipping (15 days) currently unavailable

- $50 for orders <$500 

- $75 for orders $500-$999 

- $100 for orders $1000-$1500

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