Custom suits without pretensions. 

Named after the latin word for tailor (“sartor”), Sartoro was established in New York City by Andy Fine, Shannon Bender and designer Kim Mesches in 2020. 

From early ideation, Sartoro was created to pursue a new frontier in custom fashion; one that embraces quality and craftsmanship with modest prices and a modern brand image.

This is an important representation of the way we think about fashion - a belief in favor of experiencing the essence of luxury in understated quality, forgoing pretensions in both the markup and the messaging, empowering people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to look and feel their best. 

Sartoro is defined by its fusion of New York design, world-class craftsmanship and comprehensive personalization. Inspiration drawn from contemporary culture is combined with an emphasis on tailoring and the use of modern technology to create a streamlined, luxurious & sophisticated online experience.


Custom Suiting For:




your town

special occasions

on vacation

on the street

on the job

monday meetings

saturday evenings

on the date

down the aisle

at the party

after the party

making an entrance

making an exit




with friends



any gender

any generation

every race

every culture

any body


   made for you   

Sartoro launched its first collection in August 2020, debuting a suite of over 50 luxury fabrics and more than 100 customization options, along with technology to accurately predict body measurements in seconds based on a few simple questions.

The brand prides itself on being an online only boutique. By reducing the unnecessary expenses and frivolous costs that come with brick & mortar stores, and by intelligently optimizing operations, sourcing and manufacturing, Sartoro is able to offer the same quality as a typical $1000-$1500 suit at a fraction of the price.