Getting Measured:

Our easy-to-follow tutorial videos allow you to accurately take your measurements right from the comfort of your own home in less than 15 minutes.

All you'll need is a tape measure and a friend. We strongly recommend against attempting to take your own measurements without the help of another person.

Sartoro uses your measurements to craft a unique sizing profile to tailor each garment to you.
We’ve made taking measurements simple to do at home with nothing but a measuring tape and a friend. Our easy-to-follow tutorial videos make the process fast and straightforward. You’ll be done in less than ten minutes.
You’ll be prompted to enter your measurements after you complete checkout -- but you can complete this step beforehand if you’d like by visiting the Measurements tab of your Sartoro account.

Can I have a tailor take my measurements?

We don’t recommend it. All tailors have slightly different measuring styles, and our measuring style is unique to our brand - so unless the person is following our tutorial videos, your measurements may not come out correctly. 

Can I measure myself?

We strongly discourage this. Measuring yourself is extremely difficult and usually results in incorrect measurements that affect the fit of your garments. You know what they say… measure twice, cut once. Don’t skimp on this step - have a friend help you.

Can I just use the measurements from a suit I own?

We don’t recommend this - however if you want you can include your full jacket length and full sleeve length from a blazer that fits you well in the measurements section of the notes.

Where can I get measuring tape?

You can Amazon Prime measuring tape to you here, or you can pick one up at your local Walmart, Target or other similar stores. They are less than $5 and make the process fast & easy.

How do I know if my measurements are accurate?

If you watch and follow the videos closely, and read the instructions as well, you’ll be fine. We recommend taking each measurement twice to ensure the results are the same. If you get two different measurements, measure a third time and take the average.
On top of this, our sizing team will review your measurements after they are submitted and reach out if any of them fall outside of the expected area based on your height, weight and body type. Every suit also comes with an alteration credit through our Perfect Fit Promise, so you’re covered if minor adjustments need to be made to the finished garment.

My measurements don’t match my sizes for off-the-rack garments. Did I mess up?

Nope. Off the rack sizes are not body measurements and vary from brand to brand. For example, if your pants are typically size 34/32, your waist measurement will most likely come out larger than 34”. Made-to-measure is much more precise - you’re in for a treat.

Can I change my measurements?

Absolutely. You can change your measurements anytime up to 24 hours after you submit an order. If alterations are required, you can adjust your measurements so that future orders fit perfectly. Just log into your account and access the measurements section to change your sizes.

Do I have to take my measurements? Is there an easier way?

We’ve made the process of taking your measurements fast and easy - the entire process should take you less than 10 minutes in total. That being said, if you’d prefer to simplify the process further, you can choose to use our DataForm Sizing option.