Unique Looks

Over 70 stylish fabrics and endless customizations to match your wedding.

Group Specials

Parties of at least five are eligible for special rates on most items.

Never Rentals

Instead of renting a suit everyone's worn, invest in one you'll keep forever.

Personal Stylists

You have a lot of choices. Our team is here to help. Book a virtual consultation.

Have questions?

Picking the suits can be challenging. We're here to help. A specialist will explain everything, set up your group discount & help with style selections.

Renting vs. Purchasing

Every groom deserves a great suit that fits his personality as well as it fits his body. Why settle for a rental that dozens of other grooms have already worn?


Far in advance - delivered 2-3 weeks after ordering. No last minute stress.


Never. Sartoro bespoke suits are not rentals and never will be. Wear it again and again.


Every garment is made to your measurements. The fit is guaranteed.


Customize in real time, get fitted in a minute, and receive three weeks later.


Over 70 premium fabric options to choose from, all fully customizable.


Starting at just $349 (or less than $300 with group discounts) for a premium bespoke suit you keep forever.

Starting at just $349 (or less than $300 with group discounts) for a premium bespoke suit you keep forever.

Starting at less than $400 (with group discount applied) for a custom suit made for you.


Last minute - delivered two weeks prior or picked up 1-2 days before.


1-3 days later. Leaving for your honeymoon? Don’t forget to return that suit first.


Boxy, standardized style - or slim fits that may or may not work well with your body.


Hours spent with multiple store visits, fittings, pick ups & adjustments... for a rental.


Limited choices & sizes, zero customization, off-the-rack fit.


$175+ for a suit that has to be returned literally on the way back from the venue.

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Sartoro Select bespoke suits start at $649.